Back up and running

I have been going out Sunday morning since the start of the year and have now worked my way back up to 3.12 miles (approx 5k). This morning was a bit slower than last week as it was a very windy day which made running on the flat feel like running up hill!

Hubby is in training for the London Marathon at the moment, so I ran with him for the first bit and then left him to get on with it. Now I am back up to 5k, I am going to start adding bits onto my route every week as my next race goal is to do a 10k. At 38:45 this morning, it wasn’t exactly a pb, but as the mornings get a bit lighter, I plan to add two short early morning runs (just sticking to 5k) into my schedule. I know I can get round my 5k route and home ready for work in time without having to get up stupidly early!!

This will be a bit of uncharted territory for me as in all my years dabbling in running/jogging, I’ve never really cracked the 5k limit. But why not? Since I’m married to a marathon runner it seems the least I can do!


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