Appearances can be deceptive…

I understand that when people see me, they see a red-faced, middle-aged woman shuffling along the pavement, with a grimace on her face. Why bother? It looks like no fun at all, barely moving quicker than walking. I swear sometimes walkers increase their pace deliberately to challenge me to overtake (I always do, incidentally, the speed differential may be so miniscule it takes an age, but overtake I do).

I don’t look good running. I don’t run fast. I don’t even run that far. But I do it. When most (sane) people are in bed or relaxing on a Sunday morning, there I am, clawing my way up to 10k. Even when I’m having the shittiest time and feel like I am about to die, I say to myself, “I am here, and I am doing it.” It has become a mantra for those horrible runs that seem never-ending, even though I have run the same circuit dozens of times before. Not very fast, not very well and with possibly the worst attitude in the world, but I have gone to the effort of getting my trainers on, out the door and doing it.

Today was not one of those runs. Today was great, I feel all glow-y and pleased with myself having cracked the “continuous run for over 3.5 miles” barrier. Actually it was 3.55 miles, but I hate to brag… with a nice split pace of 12.18 minutes per mile. Weather was sunny but cold, windy but not as much as last week.

Only 7 weeks to the Lincoln 10k – I should do my entry now while I’m feeling positive and then there’s no getting out of it!


One thought on “Appearances can be deceptive…

  1. Great job! I’m right there with you. My first 5k was a disaster partly because I chose to go with a friend who is much faster and who likes to talk while running. I tried keeping up with her and ended up hurting myself. So I’ve started over and am doing it slow. I may look like a slug in sneakers but I eventually get there! First solo 5k in 5 weeks! You are doing great! good luck!

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