No word of a lie, this was the highlight of my working day. This woman was waiting in Reception for her son. There is an advert from the Holiday Shop about trips to Mexico.

So she says to me, “They shouldn’t be advertising holidays to Mexico to young people”.
“Oh,” I reply, “Well at £1704 per person they’d need to save up for a
“No, they have bodysnatchers there. Kidnap people for bodyparts.”
“Yes, didn’t you know?” She seemed incredulous, as if it were common knowledge that bodysnatchers lurk on every street corner in Mexico,waiting to pounce on unsuspecting teenagers and relieve them of their fresh young kidneys and livers.
“I can think of a few people I could put their way, actually,” I pondered.
Her face was a picture of horror.
“Only joking!” I said, brightly.
The woman gave a thin laugh and backed slowly away from the counter.
I then proceeded to deal with the following person, who looked like he was trying not to burst out laughing.

Wednesday is my early finish, so I logged off at 2pm. Actually it was nearly five past before the next person came to relieve me of my duties. I joked that I would start charging them overtime, but I didn’t really care as I am not back there until Monday next week. Having said that, five hours of pretending to be nice to people meant that I chose the “Pay at Pump” option at the petrol station on the way home, as I’d had enought human interaction for one day. As it turned out, I had earned enough loyalty points to earn 6p a litre off my fuel, making it £1.03 per litre. I’m gonna party like it’s 2009! 😀