April challenges check in

OK, not Monday like I promised (I’m back at work this week).

So, the habit I’m trying to establish – taking my makeup off every night – is going fine. Not missed a night so far.

The complaining thing was going great until – you guessed it – I returned to work on Monday. So I am still complaining about things, but I am more conscious that I am doing it. I get half way through expressing a frustration and a little voice inside me says “Ah, whining again…”, so I have to think of something else to say. Or not say anything.

Awareness is a good starting point. More to follow…


Diet and fitness progress

Completed my first shuffle of the week this morning. There’s something about running first thing on a Sunday morning which I love, the quietness, the quality of the light, it’s just awesome.

It wasn’t cold enough to wear my hat this morning, but I did start out with my gloves on and wore them for about 3/4 of the route. It was good to have some different music to move to as well.

I’ve not been as strict with the diet as in the previous few weeks, so consequently I didn’t lose any weight this week. Ah, well, it’s not all about what the scales say, I’ll be redoubling my efforts next week and I’m feeling good about my running progress too. Since I’ve started living more mindfully, I’ve noticed that my relationship with my body is changing somewhat. Rather than seeing is as a fleshy mass to be dieted and exercised into submission, I’ve started to appreciate it more as an amazing machine, this vehicle which takes me wherever I need to go. I’m lucky to enjoy good health, so hooray for my body!

That said, I am still shallow enough to want to look good in my bikini in 10 weeks time! 😉

Be here, now

In a world of to-do lists, goal setting and self-improvement, having awareness of the present moment without passing judgement is no easy task.

But that’s what we do when we meditate. Breathing in, breathing out, constant, ongoing, one moment to the next. I am the breathing mountain, solid beneath the clouds of thoughts constantly changing, I watch them pass without getting caught up in the stories they tell. The appearance of the mountain might change through the seasons, or the weather, but it is still its essential self.

Living in the moment, living the journey without getting all caught up in plots and schemes and plans. The first step to awakening.

Week 1 complete

Completed the first week of Podrunner “First day to 5k”, although a little skeptical that I will be able to complete a 5k run at the end of the nine weeks. Oh well, there’s still plenty of time.

I nearly decided not to go out, but then I stayed in bed yesterday instead of going, as I had persuaded myself I felt too sore and tired from the previous effort. I knew, though that if I missed another day, I would lose my momentum and then end up giving up. Glad I made the effort to do it, even though it was another hat and gloves morning.

Upper right six

Had the final part of the root canal treatment today. My tooth is now so devoid of nerves that I didn’t even need to have an anaesthetic. It is pretty much an empty shell of a tooth, so we will see how many years it will last before it will need to be taken out.

I felt relieved when it was all done.

April challenges

I have two personal challenges this month: one fairly trivial, but something that I really ought to do. The second is harder and I don’t expect to succeed at it all the time, but I will persevere because I think it is worth doing and will hopefully make me a nicer person to be around.

Challenge number 1: remember to take my makeup off every night before I go to bed. It is a simple thing that takes seconds to do, but I don’t do it because I am a lazy slob sometimes and cannot be arsed. Even though I know it’s bad for my skin to sleep in makeup and really gross to have gooey eyes first thing the next morning.

Challenge number 2: check myself when I start to whine or complain. That sounds simple, but I know it’s not going to be easy, especially once I’m back at work next week. I guess it falls in with the mindfulness thing.

I’ll check in every Monday with my progress on these.

Another workout ticked off

Got up early on the bank holiday to do another Podrunner session. OK, so more like a Podpoddle. But I got out there, and did it, even though it would have been easier (and much warmer) to stay in bed.

Did 2x sets of 8 girly pressups (you know, the kind where you have your knees on the floor), 2x sets of 8 sit ups, and did 2 lots of holding “The Plank” for a count of ten when I had got back.

Note to self: gloves are good in this cold weather. Remember them next time!

I had a bit of a naughty day yesterday, which involved wine and chocolate, not in grand quantities, but enough to make today a super-strict 1200 calorie day. Aaaahhh!

Yet another shortcoming…

It would appear that my plan to lose a stone before Easter did not quite come to fruition.

Still, I did lose 13 pounds, so one more to that stone. Feel better already and my clothes fit more comfortably too. I feel encouraged by this, even though by the NHS chart’s lofty standards I am still overweight.

Sometimes I think that NHS choices website exists to make me beat myself up. I mean, I’ve had treatment 1 out of 2 for root canal and all they can say is that the condition is due to  poor dental hygiene and eating too much sugary food. Erm, that’s not true, as I’m kind of paranoid about having bad teeth and don’t eat so much sugary food so I’ll pass on the self-flagellation this time, thanks.

Fuck you, NHS choices.

Remember “Chuckie”?

I made the mistake of logging in to Facebook today. Now, on a typical day, it’s like walking into a crèche, full of friends’ baby pictures, which are invariably cute and nice – although when friends post their kid as their profile picture, I find that a little weird. Like this picture of a kid saying grown up things. Even more bizarre when it’s a pregnant friend with the obligatory scan picture. A talking foetus. Seriously uncomfortable with that one, folks.

No, I’ve found a fresh hell – “reborn dolls”. A friend of mine, lovely lady in her 60s, has apparently found a new hobby. OK, I admit I lack the normal reaction of a human female towards neonates, not so much “Oooh how lovely”, more “Get that thing away from me!”. But these creep me out big time. According to the font of all knowledge, Wikipedia, reborning started in the States (doesn’t everything?) in the 1990s.

To be fair to my friend, who has posted lots of “making of” pictures, it looks like a bit of an art form.

I will just add it to my list of things I will never understand.