Danger Zone!

I am blogging to avoid falling into the danger zone – where I have come home from work to find that the Husband is out running. Displacement activity is where it’s at. Tea is in the oven and I have a cupboard full of left over treats from Christmas. Well, they are going to work tomorrow – if they’re not in the house I can’t eat them!

Horrendous start to the day as the work car park was full and I had to drive round the block and park in the pay and display car park. Goodbye £2.50. And no, I was not late, I got to the car park at 8.05 and we don’t start work til 8.30. I finally got into work at 8.25 to hit the ground running on a reception full of people and their demands. The silver lining was I got an activity point for my walk to and from the car park. Sometimes, you just have to take what you can get 😉

Day 2 of Weight Watchers tracking. It has been easy at work, as food and drink are not allowed on the reception desk and I have been on duty all day. I took a packed lunch which also helped. I am in the business of taking lunch to work anyway to save a bit of cash, but I have replaced the crisps with an extra piece of fruit. I am afraid to say that I have ready meals in the oven as I type, but after coming home ravenous, cooking is a bad choice as so much of it will end up being eaten during the cooking process. That sounds really bad, what a pig I am! At least I know myself…

We did go out on a 5 mile walk yesterday to the local country park and back which was nice (and a free activity). It was really icy underfoot still at half past one in the afternoon when we set off. We did stop in the coffee shop for a quick brew (Americano, no sugar), and got home just as it was going dark, so a successful way of spending a Sunday afternoon. I was also able to count it as activity points, which I had planned to trade in for beer and crisps later, but didn’t in the end. Another night 🙂

Oh, and I have an update for study goals – my IAG Level 2 has been marked and I have passed it all pending verification (I will get my certificate in due course – usually months rather than weeks). The Level 3 (yes, I was studying them concurrently, long story), I have had an email from my assessor asking me to clarify something on my last assignment, which I have done and sent back to her. More will be revealed on this, I am sure.




Update – where does the time go?

Since I wrote the last post, work has been super busy and then the PC died – now we have a new PC (thanks to my clever hubby who put it all together!) and I’m going to make more of an effort to get to the keyboard.

It was interesting to read that in the last installment I was running for three minutes at a time. Last weekend, I completed a 5k race in 33 minutes 34 seconds which by my reckoning puts me at a pace of around an 11 minute mile. The last time I did a 5k race was about 7 years ago and I took over 38 minutes, so I was pleased with my efforts. If you had told me that I would be running for fun (ie no teacher making me) when I was at school, I would have laughed you off the planet. I’ve also found that I enjoy running outdoors, and am taking advantage of the long days at this time of year to head out in a morning before work.

It does feel good to achieve something positive. There are lots of other things going on right now which are getting me down a bit (work things mostly), so this is an important boost to my self-confidence.

I’m still here…

How did a 10 day hiatus happen? Ah well, not to worry.

Measurable goals so far this month: successfully remembering to remove makeup every night so far. Started week 4 of Podrunner intervals and was surprised that when I used it on the cross-trainer this week, I am now running for three minutes at a time. Three whole minutes! I also managed to shed another 2 pounds and now total weight loss is at 16lbs.
I have also made time to practice the mindfulness meditation for 10-20 minutes each morning, depending on my schedule.

Attitudinal goal: being aware of complaining. Yes, I am being aware when I complain about something. I have also come to realise that there are different kinds of complaints – sometimes, it’s just me letting off steam when something has frustrated me and I don’t expect anything to happen, it’s just the way it is. For these I am telling myself that I need to accept these situations. I might not like them, but there is nothing to be done, so why get upset by them?
There are other kind of complaints that as soon as I hear myself raising the issue, I start to think, what can be done to improve this situation? At work, for example, there are issues which arise as a result of some of the processes we use needing updating, and until we work on that, the same problems will arise again and again. So a positive way to deal with these is to come up with solutions and implement where possible, or bring them to the attention of decision makers if necessary. Although I haven’t quit complaining altogether, I’m being more mindful of the things that annoy and frustrate me and how to use these feelings to achieve something positive.

I feel especially tired today as I did my 30-minute walk/jog this morning and went for a 3 mile hilly walk with my husband as it was a beautifully sunny day here. Tired but good. 🙂

Another workout ticked off

Got up early on the bank holiday to do another Podrunner session. OK, so more like a Podpoddle. But I got out there, and did it, even though it would have been easier (and much warmer) to stay in bed.

Did 2x sets of 8 girly pressups (you know, the kind where you have your knees on the floor), 2x sets of 8 sit ups, and did 2 lots of holding “The Plank” for a count of ten when I had got back.

Note to self: gloves are good in this cold weather. Remember them next time!

I had a bit of a naughty day yesterday, which involved wine and chocolate, not in grand quantities, but enough to make today a super-strict 1200 calorie day. Aaaahhh!

Cool runnings

I did my first outside run today for nearly two years. Ok, admittedly, it was more of a walk/shuffle/jog to the podrunner.html series. I used this when I was slimming down to get into my wedding dress, so I have had a modicum of success there to encourage me to do it again.

After the Christmas weight refused to come off through January and February and I ruined the zip on my work trousers on the first day back as my fat belly busted out, I decided to take matters seriously and have been following the Rosemary Conley FAB plan. I can’t bring myself to go to a Fat Fighters style class, so I have just been doing the home version. Seems to be working so far as I have lost 12lb in four weeks. The real challenge for me is incorporating more exercise into my daily life, as I am primarily desk bound, and seriously need to stop working through my lunch and get out and about. The cold weather through March has not helped this aim, but I am optimistic that something like spring is not too far away.

The main focus of this project is pure vanity – I want to look ok in a bikini when I go on my summer holiday to Cyprus in June.