We did it in the end!

I did do the Lincoln 10k – it took me just over 1hr 20 minutes. Long enough, but I think I could do another 10k sometime in the future. Hubby completed the London Marathon in 6 hours 9 minutes, he was so glad to get to the end and I was so proud of him! Although it has to be said that being a marathon spectator is an endurance sport in itself – we managed to see him on mile 12 and mile 25. However, don’t replicate what happened next: three weeks later he did a half marathon (Sunday just gone) and as I type is returning from the physio – he has peroneal tendonitis and yesterday morning could barely walk, so make sure that you give your body time to recover.











Husband now sporting K-tape – hope it helps it heal as he starts his new job tomorrow!